Sunday, September 21, 2008

Second Phase Is Going To Be Just As Hard

Today marks 2 in a half months and this is where it begins to get hard. Lucas is leaving for the ship tomorrow (since it will be Tuesday there) and I am dreading not being able to talk to him everyday. I know that I will just have to surround myself with staying busy and by the looks of this class that I am taking so far it will not be hard! I have homework coming out of my ears! *sigh* I miss him more than ever and right now I have the feelings that it will never end, but I know the weather is finally getting colder which means I am getting somewhere. Everything just has a different meaning when someone you love is missing. I find myself crying a lot more to the sappy movies that are on because it holds that special meaning...and even songs. I just wish he was home so we all do.

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