Monday, September 1, 2008

Growing Anticipation For Numerous Things

First off...Happy Labor Day! I am sure many of you have the day off and are enjoying the long weekend and not to mention the short work week! Yippie...especially since I will be going in an hour and a half earlier since school has begun here...the first sign of fall to come. I sure wish I was in Minnesota this time of is absolute beautiful there. I miss the smell that is in the air and definitely being there to see my niece and nephew go trick or treating! I absolutely love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday! Anyways off track...we are onto the 2 month mark and I am getting more anxious. Almost half way done. My girlfriend's husband came home a whole month early from his deployment, so I guess I can always cross my fingers and hope that happens with me! Either way, can't wait to see him. I am also getting excited as I have heard news that my family might come out and visit which I would love. It is not for sure yet, due to somethings, but I miss them more and more everyday, especially my little peanut Karlee! So we will have to see, if all goes well October is the projected month, so I will cross my fingers for that as well. Last and not least, I am entering the last week of one of my classes, which has been such a bore! I hate to say that about education, but this class and the instructor is quite bad, so I am just glad I am getting through it and getting an "A" so far! So I am staying busy and starting to enjoy my time here. I have got in touch with some old friends from here and also from high school and I hope that will help to keep my mind off of things.
Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend, I know I did with some therapy Back to the grind tomorrow!

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