Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last Baby-Free Weekend!

This is the last weekend to ourselves before having a little one and I am sure I will be wanting one of these, but in a long time! ;) It is still hard to believe that our lives are about to change forever, as I have looked into her room and had her stuff around the house for so long! It will be nice to finally walk by and see her in her room, using her stuff. It hasn't been the best weekend or last couple weeks for that matter, having to deal with the sleepless nights, my emotions on highs and lows, moving...etc. I am glad to say that although this weekend was rough, we got a lot accomplished with moving a great deal of stuff into our storage unit. I am feeling a little less overwhelmed in that aspect. I also got everything in order for being in the hospital, house cleaned, laundry done, her bag packed, etc. If there is something called overly prepared, we are! Even though I feel we aren't, I know deep down there isn't possibly anything else I could do, buy, say, etc to get me, us, more prepared for this little women to come!
Hopefully I can get some sleep before her birth, as I know I will be anxious, excited and nervous for Wednesday morning to come. Can't wait for this pregnancy to end and all the hard work to pay off with her!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

December 2nd is the date!

We had our last appointment today until the birth of our daughter. I can't even begin to describe the feeling at the doctors office as I was so nervous. Nothing has felt so real up until this point and talking about the birth really made it sink in for me and Lucas. The doctor checked me and told me that I was 1 cm dilated and the baby has dropped down. I have felt this as it seems my stomach looks and feels lower and not to mention the need to go to the bathroom every 2 minutes! :) If I do not go into labor before the 2nd of December, that is when I will go in for an induction and should have the baby by the afternoon. The doctor is confident that I will deliver naturally, but prepared me for a possible c-section scenario. I am feeling excited that this is really happening, but I am nervous and scared for what is to come. Even knowing all the details, step for step, and watching videos and reading hasn't eased the nerves at all, but I have confidence in myself that I will do fine. Either way, Sydnee Eden is on her way into this world on the 2nd or sooner! I can't believe we are going to be parents! Best feeling and present in the world!

Friday, November 20, 2009

38 Weeks and 14 Days To Go!

Today I am 38 weeks along and getting VERY anxious, scared, nervous and excited. I have been dealing with insomnia lately, pretty much staying up 24 hours and only getting a couple hours of sleep. I think it is due largely to me, freaking myself out for what is to come and the unknown. I make myself worry too much, which I know is first out of my hands and second bad for me and the baby, so I am trying my hardest to relax. Much of this is due to the many baby shows I have been watching of women in labor and it gets me nervous to know that WILL be me enduring all that and then some! I am ready and as prepared as I am going to get, but just nervous to see exactly how it will happen. For now, I am just enjoying the quite time and relaxing as much as I can (minus the sleep!). Not too much longer!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Appointment Down, Few To Go

I had another doctor appointment yesterday. I was so positive that things have progressed, just at least a little bit, due to the night before. The night before I was experiencing a lot of cramping and shooting pains for about 2 hours...painful enough to wake me up and keep me up. I was so exhausted from lack of sleep, but hopefully she was making her way. Was that the case? UM NO! The doctor checked me and said that I was the same from last week. He said there was 2 things he didn't like about my check up, my pelvic is small and the she isn't dropping down at all because of it. He said that by the next appointment, if things haven't progressed at all (even one centimeter), we would talk about induction or a c-section. My doctor is very reassuring, telling me he doesn't want me to go a day over or have a nightmare labor (being in labor for a long amount of time.) I feel very comfortable with him and know the best will be done for all of us. I just can't wait for her to come...still doesn't feel real until we have her in our arms. So for now, 16 more days or less, if she decides to not be stubborn! :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Days Decreasing, Anxiety and Excitement Increasing!

The days keep passing and I swear that as everyday passes, I walk more and more like a penguin! :) I am going through that uncomfortable stage that everyone has been telling me about. I cannot sleep for the life of me, being a night owl due to not finding that "right" spot to get into to fall asleep. Lucas and the dogs have been enjoying the bed to themselves as I have been camping out on the couch. It seems like it is the only place that makes me feel some what comfortable, but it is lonely! I should be getting my rest, but this is what it will be like to have a baby! Running on no sleep, so I am getting use to that idea!
I haven't been having any contractions, I don't think, but I have been having a lot of discomfort and cramping. I am no longer able to bend, turn, twist like I could have a week or so ago. Sydnee's feet is constantly jabbing me in the ribs and she hasn't slowed down one bit! It is like she is dancing to her own tune in there! Either way, I am trying to stay positive and active to keep my mind off of things. We are totally prepared for her to come any any day she wants to come! (Tomorrow would be nice! lol)

Friday, November 6, 2009

36 Weeks/9 Months Preggers Today!

I can't believe I am this far already, but I am loving it! I am so ready for this to be over with and meet our little girl! I cannot even begin to tell you all how prepared I am, is there such as thing as being overly-prepared? Because I definitely think I am! I am getting to the point where I am shopping for nonsense stuff, trying to justify that I need it to help pass the time. We are so excited!
It has been a rough week for me, I have come down with the flu and trying to get over that and the exhaustion I am feeling is hard, but I keep myself motivated by telling myself it will be over before I know it and well worth it!
I am looking for all the signs now for things to progress, such as the baby dropping or contractions (even though it might be a little early, but you never know!). Everyone keeps telling me we are going to have a end of November baby, so I am keeping that optimism alive. I have another appointment on Tuesday where he will check me again (ew!) and see if anything is progressing.