Sunday, May 30, 2010

Karlee Graduates!

My lil "baby" girl just graduated from preschool and it is so hard to believe that she is going to Kindergarden next year! Where did the time go? Before I know it, Sydnee will be in the same shoes...but I don't want to think about that now! :) I am so proud of Karlee, she is so very bright and wise beyond her years (both good and bad) and she will do great next year.
For now, I am just enjoying being home for once and watching her grow older and older...and not to mention Sydnee adores her! It will be hard to leave in a month, but we just will take it one day at a time.
Lucas should be home before we know it...we are down to days not months now and I NEVER thought I would make it to this point. This surely has been the hardest time of my life, but we made it! Almost done! Yippie!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long Time, No Post

I was once good at posting on my blog, but now the time is getting away from me! I should be better, but when you are a mom, when do you find time? :)
Sydnee is sitting up on her own now and it is amazing to see how much she has grown. I keep thinking about how Lucas is going to feel when he gets home, but I just can't but myself in his shoes. It has to be the worst feeling in the world! I hate to think about it. He will be home before we know it...1 month and 2 weeks (or a little more). I remember feeling like I would never make it to this point and I feel like it has blown by at time and went slow at other times. It has been an amazing grace to have my family and his family around to help us through this hard time. I really don't remember this last deployment going so fast and smoothly...lets hope it stays that way.
Sydnee is thriving and growing like a weed. I have found that she is a human garbage disposal as she has yet to have something she does not like! :) Just like her daddy, which is a good thing! I am SUCH a picky eater, and that is an understatement. She is rolling all over the place and wanting to crawl so bad...I'm sure she will before Luke gets home. :( She is also taking up a storm and definitely is starting to get a mind of her own...what a sassy lil thin! :)
All is well here and we can't wait for the next month or so to breeze by!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here's To 25!

It really is hard to believe that I am 25, but the many gray hairs that I have sure make me feel older! :) Nothing that a little dye job can't cover right? Anyways, my first mother's day was amazing and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life celebrating this small day out of the year with the ones that I love. Lucas sent me amazing roses (but really from Sydnee). To top the week, it was my 25th birthday yesterday, and while it was just another day, it was special to be able to spend it for once with my family since many of them in the past have been spent far away in another state! My mom was amazing and took me shopping. While I am not excited about getting another year older, 25 is going to bring on a lot of great things. Luke is coming home to name just a few and it doesn't help that I got my daughter by my side through life now. Love it! So here is to 25 and many more years after! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Road Trip!

Sydnee and the family went down to Kansas for Sarah's wedding this past weekend and it was great to have our other side of our family meet her and for us to see them after 5+ years. It has been way too long! The 6 hour car trip was long, but Sydnee did way better than I thought she would do. She slept most of the way, with some fussy times, but overall I was HIGHLY impressed and her road trip skills! :) I really enjoyed this last weekend and makes me enjoy and appreciate family that much more.

Hard to believe the little peanut is already 5 months old. She is wanting to crawl so bad and is able to sit up alone (not for very long but its a start!) Seems like yesterday she was our little munchin just a couple days old. Lucas is going to not believe his eyes when he sees her! She is quite the lil lady! :)

Gramma Shirley had her birthday last night and we went over to celebrate! Happy Birthday to Gramma Shirley! I love having all this family around us and it will be hard to leave, but we are enjoying it while we can!

Another month down and Lucas should be home before we know it in 2 months! Crazy to think!