Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Road Trip!

Sydnee and the family went down to Kansas for Sarah's wedding this past weekend and it was great to have our other side of our family meet her and for us to see them after 5+ years. It has been way too long! The 6 hour car trip was long, but Sydnee did way better than I thought she would do. She slept most of the way, with some fussy times, but overall I was HIGHLY impressed and her road trip skills! :) I really enjoyed this last weekend and makes me enjoy and appreciate family that much more.

Hard to believe the little peanut is already 5 months old. She is wanting to crawl so bad and is able to sit up alone (not for very long but its a start!) Seems like yesterday she was our little munchin just a couple days old. Lucas is going to not believe his eyes when he sees her! She is quite the lil lady! :)

Gramma Shirley had her birthday last night and we went over to celebrate! Happy Birthday to Gramma Shirley! I love having all this family around us and it will be hard to leave, but we are enjoying it while we can!

Another month down and Lucas should be home before we know it in 2 months! Crazy to think!

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