Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Minor Set Back

Just like expected, the date got pushed back a little bit. Instead of them arriving on Monday it will be Wednesday now (which is actually the orginal date they gave us). I am a little bummed and I was getting anxious for Monday to come, but I figure if I have gone 6 months already...whats another 2 days right? It was kind of expected as the military is never for sure on anything and it can change up until the last minute. So let's just hope this is the last change of date for his arrival, because I will have a break down if it get's moved any further!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Can You Believe It?

I know I say this a lot throughout my posts, but I can not believe that I made it this long. I remember feeling like it will NEVER end (some days more than others) but it went pretty fast when my mind was busy. Hard to believe that I have missed out on 6 months of Lucas' life and vise versa, but I know in my heart that this deployment and time apart made us so much stronger! Our relationship has been through so many tests, this was just another small bump in the road and we can now honestly say we made it through all that life can throw at us and were on top. I am the happiest person right now and luckiest girl in the world to have someone like Lucas in my life. He is my best friend and I have missed having one around that isn't thousands of miles away (Kate, Melissa and everyone I still love you and thanks for being there for me many miles apart!). With Lucas' homecoming brings more happiness as we get to go home to Minnesota after not seeing our family for 8 LONG months. This has been the longest months without them and especially not being around for the holidays for the first time in 6 years. In the past I wasn't very close with my family, but through this experience I have found comfort in calling them every night and just knowing they are just a phone call away. Ok, I'm getting emotional, but I am sure it will only get worse as the week goes on. I can not thank you all enough for being there for me and Lucas through such a tough time that most people wouldn't understand. We are ALL so much stronger because of this! Thank You! I love you all!

Only 7 more days!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!

I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and enjoys being around one another! Luke and I can't wait to get home and have a late Christmas with all of you! Love you!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As Of Today...

This morning Lucas gave me the first word of when they would be home since we have not heard yet when exactly. The word on the street is that they will be leaving Okinawa on the 5th (the 4th here) which means they will be in the states on the 5th some time. After arriving home he will have 4 days off and then his 2 week leave will begin till the 25th! Good news huh? Hard to believe this is happening! Hopefully this will not change as the military has a history of changing things up a few times before getting it straight. As of today, I am a happy camper!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Seriously, Come Home NOW

It just hit me as I was driving home from a late day at work that Lucas will hopefully be home in 2 weeks. (and if not, shortly after) I just can not get it through my head that I will finally have him here. It has been so long! I forgot how it felt to be around him, to hold him, and just to spend time with someone else besides me, myself and the dogs. I am so excited it is hard to contain it all inside right now! I just know that I am going to have this overwhelming emotion when I see him...I will probably burst into tears! Its going to feel so good to have my love home and not take another day for granted that we have with one another. That is one important lesson you will learn when you are going through a deployment!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

5 Months 3 Weeks Today

Another week under my belt that I will never have to do again of this deployment and it is feeling better than ever! 16 official days left (taking it from him coming home January 7th) so I hope he gets to home earlier and not later. Lucas told me that they gave him a window of January 4th through January 17th. So in between that time he will be here. I don't think I could possibly wait any longer! (So cross your fingers for me!) They are just waiting for the next squadron to release them.
Lucas had duty again last night (24 hours post) so I am sure he is tired. However, he will have plenty of days off for Christmas and New Years which will be good. It is hard to believe that Christmas is already here! It doesn't feel like it even though I have my tree up with presents underneath it. It must be the lack of snow! I hope everyone is doing well. We miss you all!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday To Langston!

My nephew is 2 today and he is getting so BIG! I hate that I am missing out on so much! And he barely knows me, but I hope that when I get home he will warm up to me again and we can hang out more! It is hard being so far away, but one day we will be closer and I won't miss out on so much and I will be the Mimi they want to come run away to...right? LOL, I hope so! Happy Birthday Langston, I love you and miss you! Can't wait to give you a squeeze when I make it home!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

5 Months 2 Weeks Today

Lost In Korea Somewhere...
Taking A Break From A Long Day Of Hiking And Exploring Iwo Jima
Paying Their Respect To Fallen Soldiers
Lucas Leaving Behind His Aircrew Wings

A Piece Of Him Forever There
Many Have Come And Left Something To Show Their Respect
Gorgeous View On The Hill Top
Lucas On The Beach
Lucas just recently went to Iwo Jima, where I am sure it was an incredible feelings to be there, but a somber feeling to know what took place at that very spot. Lucas left behind his aircrew wings, while others left their dog tags or something else to show their respects. It was incredible to see the amount of dog tags that were left behind. Iwo Jima is probably his last trip before coming home since it is just right around the corner. Just 3 weeks from today and Lucas will be back in the states, I couldn't be more excited. The days seem to be getting longer now, just like they did in the beginning, but I am hoping that they will pass as I try to keep busy for a just a little longer. I am so anxious! However, this will be the best Christmas present I have ever gotten, besides my engagement ring of course! 3 weeks away from feeling whole again...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Officially A Month Away

Today marks 5 months and 1 week since Luke has been gone and I am officially one month away from seeing him, however it could be earlier we just don't know yet. I hope to find out the official date of when they will be here soon and also his leave dates...can't wait to come home to MN! My stress levels seems to be high as I have so much to do before he gets home and Christmas on top of it all! I am feeling anxious and nervous and I just can't wait for the day to be finally here. I can't help but think about my other friend, Melissa, whose husband left a week later than Lucas and how she has to go a whole month longer than I do...I am grateful he gets to come home when he does.
Just know ladies who are going through this, it does get better (I thought it wouldn't) and time passes as the world doesn't stand still for anyone. However, I know the moment that we see our men, the world will stand still for us as we embrace the people that we love in our arms and hold on to them tighter than we have ever done so before. Loving someone is one thing, but loving a person from a distance to so bitter sweet...we really do have the toughest job in the military! =)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Good To Have Him Back...In Okinawa

It is good to have Luke back in Okinawa because now we can go back to our regular talk It is so nice to be able to talk to him almost everyday instead of playing it by ear and going days without knowing how he is or even where he is. I can't wait for his new computer to arrive so we can chat via web cam...just want to see him. I hope you all have heard from him! Hang in there we are almost done! I am planning on going to a deployment briefing soon and I will let you all know the details when I get them!