Sunday, December 21, 2008

5 Months 3 Weeks Today

Another week under my belt that I will never have to do again of this deployment and it is feeling better than ever! 16 official days left (taking it from him coming home January 7th) so I hope he gets to home earlier and not later. Lucas told me that they gave him a window of January 4th through January 17th. So in between that time he will be here. I don't think I could possibly wait any longer! (So cross your fingers for me!) They are just waiting for the next squadron to release them.
Lucas had duty again last night (24 hours post) so I am sure he is tired. However, he will have plenty of days off for Christmas and New Years which will be good. It is hard to believe that Christmas is already here! It doesn't feel like it even though I have my tree up with presents underneath it. It must be the lack of snow! I hope everyone is doing well. We miss you all!

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