Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy "Boo" Day Everyone

So, Halloween is not only my favorite holiday, but it is also my mom's birthday. I am so glad that she is getting younger each year and this year she is 39! ; ) So Happy Birthday to my mom and Happy Boo Day to you all. Be safe and take pictures of the little ones for me since I can't be there yet another year!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Unexpected Never Gets Old

I got a nice unexpected phone call from Lucas late last night. He called just to tell me that they are in port and are about to leave...which I'm getting in the next day or so. We were interrupted by the calling card stating there was only a minute left...short phone call...2 minutes, but well worth it. He said he will be on the ship for a while and doesn't know exactly when they will be getting off next.
He still hasn't gotten my package that I sent out well before his birthday in September and I am thinking it might have gotten lost...=( I hope it is just waiting snug somewhere for him. (wishful thinking!)
I am already starting to think ahead to Christmas. Since either one of us will be able to come home for the holidays I am planning on getting my first own tree this year and keeping it up until Lucas gets back. That way we can celebrate when he gets home and open presents then. I'm getting excited to think that it is just around the corner.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

One Week Closer

Although it has been a rough week, I am glad it is over with.
It has been officially 3 months/3 weeks since he has been gone...I'm not
ready for the next week to come, but its more days that are to come and go.
Besides...Halloween is coming up!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Hero

I have to get mushy on you all..."Hero" is our song and I had to put it up on our website because I miss him so very much.
Every time I hear it, it reminds me of the good old days. The song was picked out on our first prom together in 2002 which was my junior year in high school. In 2003, he flew home from San Diego to take me to my senior prom and surprised me by requesting it at the dance and singing it to me while we danced.
The song is just a perfect reflexion upon how we feel and I am glad that time hasn't changed those feelings. I think it is just more fitting now then ever, since he really is my hero, my husband, my best friend and my one true love.
I love you Lucas....miss you!

The Worst Of The Worst

Friday was the worst day of my life!
I awoke early in the morning to being sick and hanging on to dear life to the toilet. I will spare everyone the details =) but it has been a rough couple of days. If definitely made me wish that special someone was here to take care of me! It doesn't help to be a baby to Duke and Bandit because they don't understand why I can't take them for their
I got an early morning phone call this morning that made me feel better though from Luke. It was good to hear from him since I didn't get to talk to him Friday. They are packing everything up as we speak and heading back on the ship. They will be on the ship for a couple days then get off on a different place in the Philippines for a day or so then its back on the ship. Tough life I imagine having to move so much, but Luke should be use to it since we have moved so much. =)
Hard to believe that October has come and gone! I didn't think the time would go by some what fast. More and more of my friends hubbies are coming home and I am getting more and more anxious...We all are!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is It January Yet?

I got to finally hear and see Lucas over the weekend on Skype and it felt so good to be able to see him. He looked really good but a bit tired. The whole time I was talking to him I couldn't help but feel more and more anxious for him to come home. The days and weeks are getting harder, but I know the date is just around the corner and I am closer than I was yesterday. Hard to think that way though when it feels like eternity!
He got to fly by a volcano the other day, such a thrill seeker, and he was able to take photos, so I can't wait for those to be sent out! Such an amazing adventure he is having. I think the next stops they make will be fun for him, going to Tokyo will be amazing. I can't help but be jealous a little bit!

As for the days, I am one week closer to seeing him and I just hope the coming week goes faster than the last week! I seemed to just drag. 3 1/2 months down...2 1/2 to go.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekly Update #2

Flying Tiger Families and Friends,
The next major phase of our deployment has begun with the transition of squadron personnel from the boat to working on dry land in the Philippines.With the exception of our MALS detachment (MALS-36 from Okinawa, or from MALS 16 or 39 in California), all of our Marines have transitioned ashore this week. Our MALS Marines will be staying on the ship until a port visit later this month. The rest of us are working from Clark Air Base or a couple other smaller camps which are on the island of Luzon, just northwestof Manila. One of the local newspapers this morning had a picture of some of our helicopters on the front page, only they were labeled as U. S. Air Force helicopters! I guess the media is susceptible to incorrect information and mis-quotes the world over. As with any major transition like this, it may take a few days to get our e-mail or internet access up and running, please be patient if you are waiting for that message from yourMarine. I do expect this transition to go smoother than when we first got aboard ship. The Flying Tigers continue to accomplish their mission in every clime and place. I am as impressed as ever with their dedication and hard work of every member of the squadron that enables us to get our helicopters up in the air.
Lieutenant Colonel Doug Schueler
HMM-262 (REIN) Commanding Officer

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Earth To Lucas, Where Are You?

I don't think I have spoken or heard from Lucas in about 4 or 5 days and I am wondering what is going on...such as if he made it to the Philippines or if he is just busy?! It is hard no knowing what is going on exactly, but I just have to keep myself busy and think to myself that he is just too busy right now to write or call...if he wasn't he would call. Just hurts to have that lack of communication with someone that is your right arm, well kinda. =)
I'm trying to plan a trip home right now because I will not be able to make it home for Christmas after all unless a miracle hits. It is just going to be way to hard to drive home, drive back in time to pick Luke up, and then drive back home with him and back. That is a lot of driving...81 hours total to be exact! OMG that is a lifetime in the! We will just have to see, but I'm missing you all like crazy and talking and seeing my niece on the webcam has been so hard! She is getting so big and reminds me of what we are missing out on...=( See you all soon hopefully!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

3 Months, 1 Week Officially

Its been pretty boring around the Leifermann household lately and I miss my little spice although Bandit is full of plenty of it! BRAT! This weekend has gone by tremendously slllllooooowwwww and I, like most of you, do not look forward to the work week especially since it is suppose to be in the 100s again. What the heck! I just want it to feel like fall. Seeing all the Halloween stuff is getting me so excited although I am not decorating this year. Booo! Just doesn't seem worth it when it is just me that is going to see it anyways...or maybe I'm just
I'm missing home so much today that I have been sitting down and trying to plan a trip home, but I am dreading the long drive! But it will be so worth it since I haven't seen ya all for over 5 months. I think this is the longest I have ever gone...just doesn't feel right!
Well for today, it's another week down and another week to go...we are getting somewhere. It seems like it is right around the corner. =)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Babe

Happy Birthday To Lucas!
I am sorry that we could not spend yet another year together, I think we are going on 4 years that we have been unable to spend it together, but I will be thinking about you all day. You get to celebrate your birthday twice, because in Japan your birthday was yesterday and in the U.S. it is today! So I hope you feel twice as special! Crazy to think that you are 26 since we met when you were only 19...sigh, how time flies. I hope to spend MANY more years with you. I love you babe! Hope you have a great day and maybe get the chance to do something special (like relaxing a little). =)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weekly Update Straight From The Source

Flying Tiger Families and Friends,
The end of another week also signals the end of our evaluation phase as a Marine Expeditionary Unit. While the final debrief will not go until later in the day on Friday, early signs are that the squadron and 31st MEU as a whole did very well. I certainly appreciate the hard work and professional dedication of every Marine and Sailor in this squadron who made this week a safe and successful evolution.
Next up on our schedule is to turn south and sail for the Philippines for our next exercise. By this time next week we should be in the process of establishing ourselves ashore for training with the Philippine Armed Forces. A disclaimer I must insert up front, it always takes a few days to establish internet connectivity every time we move to a new location; please be patient if your Marine is not able to contact you right away upon arrival.
A question was recently brought up to me with regards to how notifications would go out if members of the squadron were involved in a serious incident or accident. While we never like to think of the worst, it is always better to prepare ourselves up front. If a serious incident or accident were to occur, our procedures would be to restrict everyone's routine communications until we could notify the families of those involved. After that we would put out word to all of the families to make you aware of the situation. While I'm sure many of you would want to know what is going on right away to help out those involved, my number one priority would be to respect the wishes of the affected family members. Until next week.

Lieutenant Colonel Doug Schueler
HMM-262 (REIN) Commanding Officer

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I FINALLY heard from Luke yesterday after many and I mean many failed attempts! My cell phone has gone with me everywhere I go in fear that he will call and I will miss it again. He said he has been having trouble with the phones and not to mention everyone is wanting to use them...I could imagine! It was good to finally get to hear his voice and I was so is hard to put the time elapsed in a 10 minute conversation and there is so much I wanted to tell him, but there is so little time. It is hard to imagine that time pretty much stands still for them when it comes to back home...their life is on hold while us spouses live the life without them. It is hard to share everything everyday and vise versa. He has been working a lot of long days, 6 am to about 7 pm, 7 days a week (I would literally die having to work that much!) so kudos for him! I hope he gets a day off soon! I hope that everyone gets to hear from him soon!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

3 Months Down, 3 Months Left

I still haven't heard from Lucas via telephone, but he emailed me to tell me that the phones were broken so it will probably be awhile till I hear from him. That is kind of a downer, but I have been able to stay very positive for not hearing his voice for so long. This is truly boot camp all over again! =) I hope they get those phones up and running soon!
Today is the 3 month mark! We are almost there, just reaching the half way hump in this deployment and it seems like it came so fast, but at the same time crawled like a snail. All I know is as time passes, we are that much closer to see him. My friend Laura, who is 9 months pregnant, picked her husband up yesterday from a 7 month deployment. I am so happy that he was able to make it just in time for the birth of their daughter! Such a great present to come home to! I know how many others are not so lucky...
I sure am missing fall back home in Minnesota and even North Carolina. I love it when the trees turn these immaculate colors and the weather is cold, but not too cold. It is just the smell in the air...hopefully I can make it up to the mountains next weekend to see all that.
Miss you and love you all lots!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Power Of A Phone Call

It is so amazing what a simple phone call can do to you, but today Lucas tried to call me and I was at work and rushed to pick it up, but just as I picked it up it stopped ringing. I knew it was him! Expecting him to call again (we have a call twice but he didn't and I was MAJORLY bumming. So lets just say my phone has been on me 100 percent of the time tonight. So if you got a phone call and got to talk to him, I'm way jealous, but glad! He at least sounded good on the voicemail! LOL...I guess it's the waiting game for him to call back...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quick Note

I will be getting emails every week from Lucas' command letting me know what is going on such as where they are headed and how the week is going. I will post them to let you know how he is far so good. They just got all the pilots trained and have been working VERY hard. Lucas told me that he doesn't get a day off while he is on the ship so that has to be very stressful and exhausting...I couldn't imagine! I will let you all know as soon as I hear the news.