Sunday, October 26, 2008

One Week Closer

Although it has been a rough week, I am glad it is over with.
It has been officially 3 months/3 weeks since he has been gone...I'm not
ready for the next week to come, but its more days that are to come and go.
Besides...Halloween is coming up!!!


sally palitza said...

Hi there!

My fiance, Donald Capra, is on the ship with your hubby and Katie Gudgel (hey hubby is in communications on the MEU) sent your blog site to me.

It's good to find people where we are all going through the same thing together!!

my email is if you ever want to chat or you hear something that I don't!

Thanks for the blog and keeping it updated with what's going on with our men.

-Sally Palitza

Meggan And Lucas Leifermann said...

Ohhh thank you so much! I feel as though it helps me too cope with him being gone along with keeping the family and friends updated. I recieve weekly updates and post them on here. I will forward them on to your email. Thank you so much for taking the time out to check it out!