Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Worst Of The Worst

Friday was the worst day of my life!
I awoke early in the morning to being sick and hanging on to dear life to the toilet. I will spare everyone the details =) but it has been a rough couple of days. If definitely made me wish that special someone was here to take care of me! It doesn't help to be a baby to Duke and Bandit because they don't understand why I can't take them for their
I got an early morning phone call this morning that made me feel better though from Luke. It was good to hear from him since I didn't get to talk to him Friday. They are packing everything up as we speak and heading back on the ship. They will be on the ship for a couple days then get off on a different place in the Philippines for a day or so then its back on the ship. Tough life I imagine having to move so much, but Luke should be use to it since we have moved so much. =)
Hard to believe that October has come and gone! I didn't think the time would go by some what fast. More and more of my friends hubbies are coming home and I am getting more and more anxious...We all are!

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