Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Unexpected Never Gets Old

I got a nice unexpected phone call from Lucas late last night. He called just to tell me that they are in port and are about to leave...which I'm getting in the next day or so. We were interrupted by the calling card stating there was only a minute left...short phone call...2 minutes, but well worth it. He said he will be on the ship for a while and doesn't know exactly when they will be getting off next.
He still hasn't gotten my package that I sent out well before his birthday in September and I am thinking it might have gotten lost...=( I hope it is just waiting snug somewhere for him. (wishful thinking!)
I am already starting to think ahead to Christmas. Since either one of us will be able to come home for the holidays I am planning on getting my first own tree this year and keeping it up until Lucas gets back. That way we can celebrate when he gets home and open presents then. I'm getting excited to think that it is just around the corner.

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Jenna M. Hoffman - said...

Why aren't you coming home for Christmas!? Jeepers!