Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is It January Yet?

I got to finally hear and see Lucas over the weekend on Skype and it felt so good to be able to see him. He looked really good but a bit tired. The whole time I was talking to him I couldn't help but feel more and more anxious for him to come home. The days and weeks are getting harder, but I know the date is just around the corner and I am closer than I was yesterday. Hard to think that way though when it feels like eternity!
He got to fly by a volcano the other day, such a thrill seeker, and he was able to take photos, so I can't wait for those to be sent out! Such an amazing adventure he is having. I think the next stops they make will be fun for him, going to Tokyo will be amazing. I can't help but be jealous a little bit!

As for the days, I am one week closer to seeing him and I just hope the coming week goes faster than the last week! I seemed to just drag. 3 1/2 months down...2 1/2 to go.


Jenna M. Hoffman - said...

Meggan! I'm going to be in San Diego for work the week of 12/8! We should connect...will you be around?

Meggan And Lucas Leifermann said...

Of course!
Just let me know and I would love to hang and do something.