Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feel Better Babe!

I woke up this morning and sent Lucas some love via text message to wish him a good day, and I got one back saying that he was having a horrible day. He had been sick vomiting amongst other things and was at the doctors getting medication before he headed back to bed. Poor thing! I think they are working them too hard! =) So they better send him home...wishful thinking huh? I hope he gets to feeling better soon as I know it is hard being sick let alone being sick away from home by yourself with no one to take care of you. Feel better babe!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Seriously Only?

I am totally feeling this week just dragging me down and just dragging on and on...this was probably the longest and worst week of my life. Work and school have swallowed me whole, not to mention getting up at 3:30 a.m., but it was all to help a friend in need so I don't want to complain too much! ;) I didn't mind, I just haven't recovered yet...I'm so exhausted and to think that it has only been a week since Lucas left...grrr. He is working a lot of hours though too, having 12 hour days and not to mention it has been hot out (at least here, can only imagine there in the desert). I'm missing him more and more and I just want him to be home and not worry about when the next time he has to leave will be...but it's the life right? Not too much longer left of it is how I should perceive it. I'm starting to get excited about that and the end of my school approaching. I am almost completed with a course that I am taking right now which will leave me with 3 more classes left before I graduate! Can you believe it? 3 years have come and gone and the time has finally come to graduate! I will be the first to graduate in my family and it is going to be the BEST feeling in the world...so I am plugging away hard while the hubby is away, but he is constantly on my mind! ;) TGIF, so glad the weekend is here to recuperate and start the week off better for next week. Who knows I might be able to drive to see Lucas next weekend (if he has it off)! I'm crossing my fingers!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome To The Family Brendan Patrick!

Lucas' cousin Kellie and her husband Jeff had their first baby together yesterday. Although she had to have a C-Section, everything went well and everyone is healthy and VERY happy! Brendan Patrick was over 9 lbs and is adorable! Lucas and I can't wait to get home to meet the new addition to the family...Congrats to everyone!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leavin' Yet Again

Lucas leaves tomorrow for WTI till the beginning of May and I am totally bumming about it! It seems he has been gone more than home which is the reality and every month so far he has been home he has had to leave...March is not exception! We were hoping that he wouldn't have to go, but turned out he had to, but once we get over this little bump in the road we should be good for a while...hopefully! I'm just not ready to let him go for so long and my state of mind just doesn't want me to think this is happening, but I will manage, I always do! =)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Need For Speed Anyone?

Lucas was involved in a high speed chase yesterday during rush hour...well he wasn't the one that had lost his mind and was being chased by 7 cop cars and tons of news helicopters thank god! But a mad man on the run almost side swiped Lucas trying to get away from every cop and CHP in San Diego. After nearly scaring Lucas to death, he called me on his way home and told me what just happened and I turned on the news to see if any stories were on about this incident and sure enough there was a live shot of this mad man on the run. Apparently he had robbed a bank from Northern San Diego (we live in the Southern portion) and he was trying VERY hard to get away, by going down highways the wrong way, making U-turns in the middle of them etc. I am so glad that no one was hurt and especially Lucas as he was put in danger as well. They eventually caught him after it seems he had given up. Makes you really think that anything can happen at any moment!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekend Full Of Hiking

Lucas wasn't too thrilled about getting up early on the weekend to go hiking, but since he finds the time to get up early to go four wheeling it was about time we did something together! =) I really enjoy being active at the local park, as I run there every chance I get and it doesn't help that the weather has been gorgeous and perfect! The grass is already green and stuff is starting to bloom beautifully. I love it!
We also not only took it as a chance to spend together as a couple, but as a whole family...furry kids and all. We took Bandit and Duke along the 3.5 mile hike (which doesn't seem like much, but the hills were very steep and rocky). I was highly impressed that little Bandit was able to hang with the big dogs not slowing down the whole way. It was a peaceful weekend surrounded by nature and it was nice to get away from a while.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rough 96 Hours!

We have had a really rough weekend in the Leifermann household as I woke up to the flu on Friday morning which seemed to progress even worse throughout the day at work. Luckily I got off early, Luke did as well and was able to make it home and head straight to bed where I have pretty much stayed till this afternoon. My fever FINALLY went down, the chills and sweats have stopped and my body seems to be in the mood to walk around a little bit after being bed bound for 3 1/2 days. This is just one of the perks of working at a daycare! =) The flu and cold has been going around and it was just a matter of time before I contracted it through wiping snot all day at work. I am so lucky to have a great husband that has been bearing with me and running to and from the store quite often to get me fluids and much needed medication. I have really appreciated it! I'm just crossing my fingers it gets better from this point on and my cough and chest subside quickly! I'm sick of being sick and tired....