Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekend Full Of Hiking

Lucas wasn't too thrilled about getting up early on the weekend to go hiking, but since he finds the time to get up early to go four wheeling it was about time we did something together! =) I really enjoy being active at the local park, as I run there every chance I get and it doesn't help that the weather has been gorgeous and perfect! The grass is already green and stuff is starting to bloom beautifully. I love it!
We also not only took it as a chance to spend together as a couple, but as a whole family...furry kids and all. We took Bandit and Duke along the 3.5 mile hike (which doesn't seem like much, but the hills were very steep and rocky). I was highly impressed that little Bandit was able to hang with the big dogs not slowing down the whole way. It was a peaceful weekend surrounded by nature and it was nice to get away from a while.

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