Friday, July 30, 2010

Are we there yet?

We have finally arrived back to San Diego after a long 30+ hours in the car. I have to say that my baby is quite the traveler as she never fussed, only on the last couple hours on the road. She is a rockstar and born to travel I suppose. It is good to finally have Lucas back and be a family again, a feeling I forgot. Sydnee was not to sure about him, which was expected, but I think it hurt Lucas' feelings a little bit. However, she is all over him now and you never would have known he has been gone most of her young more! Luke gets out in 4 months and we are just holding our breath that something falls into play for us finally and we can have a break in life! We have been through so much! :) For now, we are just enjoying each other!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Been So Long!

Hard to believe that is has been well over a month since my last post! I am getting bad at this as the times seem to be going faster (and slower at times).
Life seems to be getting more complicated than ever and it is scary to think about all the changes that are coming our way, but there are going to be some really good ones in the mix. Lucas is 5 days away from coming home and I can hardly contain my composure, excitement, anxiety, etc. This moment seemed so far away and it never occurred to me that is would come so fast. Along with this time approaching fast, that means that Sydnee is growing like a weed! Hard to believe that she is already 7 months which is so bitter sweet. She is crawling now (for quite some time), pulling herself up on things, transferring from one object to another, and I think she will be walking early! :) But thats far from my mind...and more important things are to come. I keep trying to imagine what that day will be like when I got to pick Luke up at the airport, the look on his face, Sydnee's reaction, how it feel...etc. I am patiently waiting for this to arrive and for us to be a family will be the best day of my life (well a close second). I could not have done this all though without my family and friends! They have helped me lean on them in time of need, even if I didn't seem like I needed it or asked for it. Its been fun, but I am ready to head back to my life...our life.
Life keeps through us curveballs, but we are showing everyone that we are making keep throwing them! :)