Saturday, March 14, 2009

Need For Speed Anyone?

Lucas was involved in a high speed chase yesterday during rush hour...well he wasn't the one that had lost his mind and was being chased by 7 cop cars and tons of news helicopters thank god! But a mad man on the run almost side swiped Lucas trying to get away from every cop and CHP in San Diego. After nearly scaring Lucas to death, he called me on his way home and told me what just happened and I turned on the news to see if any stories were on about this incident and sure enough there was a live shot of this mad man on the run. Apparently he had robbed a bank from Northern San Diego (we live in the Southern portion) and he was trying VERY hard to get away, by going down highways the wrong way, making U-turns in the middle of them etc. I am so glad that no one was hurt and especially Lucas as he was put in danger as well. They eventually caught him after it seems he had given up. Makes you really think that anything can happen at any moment!

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