Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Appointment Down, Few To Go

I had another doctor appointment yesterday. I was so positive that things have progressed, just at least a little bit, due to the night before. The night before I was experiencing a lot of cramping and shooting pains for about 2 hours...painful enough to wake me up and keep me up. I was so exhausted from lack of sleep, but hopefully she was making her way. Was that the case? UM NO! The doctor checked me and said that I was the same from last week. He said there was 2 things he didn't like about my check up, my pelvic is small and the she isn't dropping down at all because of it. He said that by the next appointment, if things haven't progressed at all (even one centimeter), we would talk about induction or a c-section. My doctor is very reassuring, telling me he doesn't want me to go a day over or have a nightmare labor (being in labor for a long amount of time.) I feel very comfortable with him and know the best will be done for all of us. I just can't wait for her to come...still doesn't feel real until we have her in our arms. So for now, 16 more days or less, if she decides to not be stubborn! :)

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