Saturday, November 14, 2009

Days Decreasing, Anxiety and Excitement Increasing!

The days keep passing and I swear that as everyday passes, I walk more and more like a penguin! :) I am going through that uncomfortable stage that everyone has been telling me about. I cannot sleep for the life of me, being a night owl due to not finding that "right" spot to get into to fall asleep. Lucas and the dogs have been enjoying the bed to themselves as I have been camping out on the couch. It seems like it is the only place that makes me feel some what comfortable, but it is lonely! I should be getting my rest, but this is what it will be like to have a baby! Running on no sleep, so I am getting use to that idea!
I haven't been having any contractions, I don't think, but I have been having a lot of discomfort and cramping. I am no longer able to bend, turn, twist like I could have a week or so ago. Sydnee's feet is constantly jabbing me in the ribs and she hasn't slowed down one bit! It is like she is dancing to her own tune in there! Either way, I am trying to stay positive and active to keep my mind off of things. We are totally prepared for her to come any any day she wants to come! (Tomorrow would be nice! lol)

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Jenna said...

Almost there darling. These last few weeks are hard because you know she would do fine out in this world - even if she were a few weeks early. I absolutely can not wait to meet her and see the new mommy when you are home. Happy labor vibes being sent your way. xoxo