Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last Baby-Free Weekend!

This is the last weekend to ourselves before having a little one and I am sure I will be wanting one of these, but in a long time! ;) It is still hard to believe that our lives are about to change forever, as I have looked into her room and had her stuff around the house for so long! It will be nice to finally walk by and see her in her room, using her stuff. It hasn't been the best weekend or last couple weeks for that matter, having to deal with the sleepless nights, my emotions on highs and lows, moving...etc. I am glad to say that although this weekend was rough, we got a lot accomplished with moving a great deal of stuff into our storage unit. I am feeling a little less overwhelmed in that aspect. I also got everything in order for being in the hospital, house cleaned, laundry done, her bag packed, etc. If there is something called overly prepared, we are! Even though I feel we aren't, I know deep down there isn't possibly anything else I could do, buy, say, etc to get me, us, more prepared for this little women to come!
Hopefully I can get some sleep before her birth, as I know I will be anxious, excited and nervous for Wednesday morning to come. Can't wait for this pregnancy to end and all the hard work to pay off with her!

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