Friday, November 20, 2009

38 Weeks and 14 Days To Go!

Today I am 38 weeks along and getting VERY anxious, scared, nervous and excited. I have been dealing with insomnia lately, pretty much staying up 24 hours and only getting a couple hours of sleep. I think it is due largely to me, freaking myself out for what is to come and the unknown. I make myself worry too much, which I know is first out of my hands and second bad for me and the baby, so I am trying my hardest to relax. Much of this is due to the many baby shows I have been watching of women in labor and it gets me nervous to know that WILL be me enduring all that and then some! I am ready and as prepared as I am going to get, but just nervous to see exactly how it will happen. For now, I am just enjoying the quite time and relaxing as much as I can (minus the sleep!). Not too much longer!

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