Sunday, September 28, 2008

Can You Believe It!!!!!!!! Seriously? Can You?

Lucas is on the ship right now and finally got his email system set up! I went 5 days without hearing from him and it was awful! =) I'm a baby I know, but I'm sure someone shares the same feelings! He is heading for the Philippines but until then they are training the pilots which he told me are not too good...that gets me kind of worried since he is actually on the planes with these horrible pilots! I look forward to pictures of his adventures!

Just when I thought I could get down about things, I found myself with this inner jolt of excitement. I got a package ready to send to Luke today and it made me feel closer to him in this weird way. Decorating cute things for him with "I love yous" and just giving him a piece of home that I sure he misses more an more everyday. I wish I could squeeze myself in that package and arrive to see him, but I know what a week from today we will officially be half way done! It seriously is hard to think that time has passed so fast. I remember crying my eyes out on my way home from dropping him off and feeling like the whole world was crumbling to pieces. Although, hearing from my friends Laura and Kris that their husbands will be home next week excites me that all of us who are going through these tough deployments are getting some where instead of feeling on the road to nowhere. I wouldn't wish this on anyone and I just wish that we can bring our boys home! Ooooorrrrrahhhh!
For now, its 2 months and 3 weeks down of this deployment and we are entering double digits instead of triple digits! That has got to count for something!

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