Friday, September 19, 2008

Pinch Me! I Wanna Wake Up NOW!

Things around the Leifermann household has been stressful lately between work and starting I think the first really challenging class since being in school, I have been so exhausted and it doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping all that great lately for some reason. Too much on my mind...when my body wants to rest, my mind just keeps going. Luke is preparing to go on the ship for 3 months and he said this morning they will be pulling out on Tuesday of next week. It is a bitter sweet time because this means we are half way done with this deployment but also difficult because I won't be receiving anymore phone calls (which I have been spoiled with) and emails will just have to do. This is like boot camp all over again! It seems like lately I have just been so impatient for him to come home...I just want him to be here NOW! I don't want to mow the grass anymore! Hahahahaha...but I am glad I am where I am right now with almost 2 in a half months down instead of a week.
It seems I have been so busy lately that I haven't been fixed to the countdown timer and I was shocked to get on here and see there is only 109 days left! It really is flying by but at the same time, at times it feels as though it is dragging out. We all miss him so much! So get your phone calls in before Tuesday because it will be awhile until we will hear that deep voice of his!

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