Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Important Date

Lukes birthday is coming up so I was just browsing the internet trying to find that really cool gift instead of the every year present of clothes which I know he gets soooo excited about! Hahaha, right babe? So I might just have to make something from home to send to him to let him know how much all 3 of us miss him being around. We have not spent his birthday together since he joined the Marines since something always pops up like him having to leave on a debt...so it sucks that it is another year with him gone. Just want to do something special for him, so if you have any ideas please let me know! And if anyone needs his address email me and I will be happy to give it to you...I don't want to post it for security reasons.
He leaves to go on the ship for 3 months soon so I might have to send it out early so he will get it...I know mail kind of slows down due to them being in the middle of no where!
He sounds a little depressed and stressed. He keeps telling me how much he wants to get out of the military and be a free man, which is kind of concerning me. He has such a change of heart since being over there and it makes me wonder what he going through...I think about that a lot when I am laying in bed...wondering what he is doing at that VERY same moment.
He has been looking into various things to do when he gets out of the military and doesn't know whether to go back to school or not. Either way, he is amazing at whatever he does...So he shouldn't worry so much! He had a test today that he was studying for all night, so I hope he did good...cross your fingers! I love you babe...keep your head up! We all miss you a ton and wish you were home!

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Jenna M. Hoffman - said...

Hey Megs. Your posts bring tears to my eyes. I can't believe how strong you (and Lucas) are. I can't imagine having that much time apart. It sounds like he will be back for Christmas, though?

When do you plan to come back to Minnesota for a visit?

On another note - Tate and Kris are probably having their baby today (induction scheduled). I'll keep ya posted.