Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day Of Remembrance 9/11

As we all known, today will always be marked in history. As much as we want to forget, its too hard to. Today is such a somber day for people who lost loved ones and also for restless America who is still fighting, what seems like a never ending war. I remember exactly where I was that day, in my second period class, my junior year of high school. I remember teachers pulling out T.V's to just watch in horror at what was unfolding...and also someone coming over the intercom with news. It was horrible to believe such evil that took over. It just amazes me what people are capable of doing to others...but the question will always be why? A year later, September 9th of 2002 Lucas joined the Marines and I think after what happened a year prior we were all worried for him, but fast forwarding now, I am glad he is safe...selfish I know. He has been in 6 years and has been so lucky to not have to deploy until now. I hear of people having to return on their 3rd duty over to Iraq and it breaks my heart. Most of the time they are gone for years at a time which I could not imagine...I truly look up to those people who are strong enough to endure that because you keep me going!
My cousin Zach is about to endure a year of duty over there at the end of this month which is hitting close to home. I definitely will be thinking of him and his wife Danielle.

The people who lost their lives and the people who are fighting in the war now will always be in my prayers and not a day goes by that I don't thank you for what you have done!

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