Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life Lessons

I miss him....

Life can be an uphill battle
When I'd rather walk a trail
If a mountain stands before me
I have to climb it to prevail

A path that even I create
To know the end, I must explore
For mystery makes me curious
Even if fear makes me unsure

The only thing that's certain
Is that nothing has certainty
For faith is still just that
Believing what we can't see

I've walked a line so ever fine
Between what's wrong and right
I've denied what I knew was true
by putting up a fight

The still, small voice inside my head
Speaks volumes when I deny it
It grows even louder still
That is, when I try to hide it

Doubt can be a theif in the night
Robbing us of faith and hope
And even if there's miles before you
You come to the end of your rope

But it's all about perspective
How we see it is how it will be
To know what lies ahead of you
You need to look inside and see

So when faced with a mountain
And it seems too steep to tread
Don't see it as a battle
But a victory instead

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