Monday, August 18, 2008

Sadness Is Natural During This Process

Im Sad!
This blog always makes me sad when I login to look at it or write a blog. I have to just sit and stare at all the pictures and it makes me miss him so freaking much! I keep having flashbacks of the night that I dropped him off, the way he hugged me, the way his 5 o'clock shadow brushed against my face (miss that) and the tears that clouded my vision. This is so depressing, but it is hard to not think about that last moment we shared and I wish I would have told him I loved him or kissed him just one last time. Yeah I know, it wouldn't have made me miss him less, but I long for those things that I think are easy to take for granted! Trust me, this experience is very humbling and makes you realize exactly why your life is amazing and why you are married to this person. Sometimes life takes that does with everyone and if it doesn't for you, you are lying! LOL.
My favorite season is coming up...autumn. I love it and I miss Luke was here to share it with me. He knows my favorite holiday is Halloween and too bad we couldn't pass out candy together again this year! I know he enjoyed it so much last
*sigh* Another day down.......

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