Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's The Little Things

I find myself having a bad day, but finding the little things that turn it all around. This week has been hard, I miss Lucas more than ever and this is when I believe it is going to get hard. We have been through so many month long departures and this just feels like another one of those and especially as we are approaching a month this weekend. I don't know if things will get easier until that 5th or 6th month...This deployment stuff is hard work! I feel exhausted just trying to keep my mind off of Lucas and concentrate on other things. Today was another not so good day, but as I was looking at the countdown clock I am excited about seeing a 4 instead of a 5 and it is just those small things that keep me going. Although time may feel like it is standing still, that countdown shows just exactly how close I am to seeing him again. It may sound dumb, but as every number gets lower I grow more and more anxious. I just keep reminding myself, at least I have all these days done. I've really grown to be a more positive person because it is all I can be is positive and be strong for our families and for him. Like always, I love mine and Lucas's family to death and keep the letters coming! He says he enjoys them and gives him a piece of "home." Love you all!

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