Sunday, August 10, 2008

1 Month Milestone

Here are some more pictures from Okinawa. The pictures of the water and landscape are truly amazing and beautiful, it is hard to believe it is real and Lucas is there. California is beautiful, but it is hard to believe that places like paradise really do exist! Hopefully one day I will be so lucky to be in paradise!
Things have really begun to pick up around here. I have been constantly busy with things that leave me exhausted and not really having time to think too much which is very good for me. I am definitely back in school mode which stresses me out due to the overload of reading and homework, but if I didn't have that, I would be bored. When Lucas comes home I will be almost graduated...6 more months (have a year now). Lucas and I have gotten webcams to talk to one another and it has been good to actually see him when I am talking to him and vice versa. Duke and Bandit began freaking out wondering where Lucas's voice was coming from and Duke kept running in the other rooms trying to figure it out...poor thing! He misses him a lot I can tell.
Well it is officially a month today, hard to believe, but 2 months here we come!

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