Monday, October 19, 2009

Wait A Minute, Where Did My Button Go?

I couldn't help but laugh at myself this morning after literally squeezing into my shorts (yes shorts, it's still 80 degrees here!) I have REALLY procrastinated getting any maternity clothes as I have still really fit comfortably into my pants and shirts...that is until this morning! :) I just put my shorts on and bent over to pick up a shirt and opps...there goes my button! LOL, I am glad that those shorts had double buttons, because I still went to work hoping that last button didn't I am so close to being over and I am turning just thinking about buying new clothes just for a couple more weeks. I am only working for a couple more weeks, so I think I can tough it out...then it is all sweatpants and hoodies from that point forward! :) I will be a happy camper!
Just had to share my pregnant blooper this morning that made me smile (should make me cry thinking that my pants no longer fit). I am just enjoying this while I can! :)

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