Thursday, October 8, 2009

8 Month Milestone!

Hey everyone! I am 8 months pregnant and have 57 days or less until we get to meet this lil girl! I feel like this pregnancy has gone by so fast, granted I have had some bad days where I feel it will never end, but for the most part, I am truly blessed to have such a smooth, easy-going pregnancy. I am so thankful! I am starting to get stressed out about all that needs to get done (including getting everything packed up now that we are moving) and worrying about having everything in order. I have another doctor appointment on Monday for a checkup. I am hoping that we will get an ultrasound done very soon, since it has been so long. I wanna be able to see the progress she has made, which is so amazing! We have less than 2 months everyone and then this little girl will be here and ready for all your hugs and kisses! :)

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