Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Welcome To Hong Kong

Lucas sent me an email containing over 200 pictures and although I would love to post all of them, there is hardly any room for that! However, here is a little taste of the ones that he sent and off course I posted all the ones with him in it because it is a rarity that he is in photos! It is hard to believe that their is such beauty out there and he is over there experiencing it, because there is nothing like this here in the States! It is gorgeous! They are heading back to Okinawa as we speak and this deployment is coming to an end as this is their last journey! I know that we are all way excited to have our loved ones home! And I just can't wait! The Yin Yang Garden
A Japanese Temple
In A Ice Bar...Looking Like Trouble!
Lucas Infront Of The Temple
Visiting The BuddhaHong Kong During The Night....

And Hong Kong During The Day
Long Night? =)
Lucas' Pass Time In Japan
A Night Out On The Town With Some Friends

The Buddha Up Close

1 comment:

Kaelyn! said...

I saw the pictures that lucas took and it looks like soooo much fun to be there!!! I like the buddah one and then when him and his buddy are in their fur coats ;)

He will be home soon! "Don't worry be happy!!" :) :) :) :)