Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another One Down

Had to believe that it is another week down and another week closer to see my hubby! We are officially 4 months into this deployment and it is starting to feel better. It really does seem like yesterday I was driving home from saying good-bye...but like always, not everyday feels like that. I am so glad I am this far and I am so proud of myself for going through this and being so strong...I didn't think I could.
I haven't heard much from Luke lately as he said he hasn't had much computer time. His emails are short and I think he is having a hard time being on the ship, which I would not be able to handle! He says he is ready to come home and is over being on the ship. He told me that since they are doing a really good job that they will be home no longer than 10 weeks...which is around the time I expected him, January 7th. I feared an extension, but I am glad I don't have to worry any longer...another week or month tacked on and I would be a wreck!
Don't know why I am in such a good mood today, but it must be the time change! I'm ready for the week ahead...

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