Sunday, November 16, 2008

4 and 1/2 Month Mark

The days keep slipping away and I feel this deployment will be over before I know it now. I am starting to stay busy with my first real hard class that is consuming every moment that I am not working or sleeping! Can't wait for this class to be done!!!! But I just have to get through the next month or so which is hard due to the holidays, but what doesn't break us, makes us stronger right? I keep having dreams about how it will be when we first see each other and I wake to a smile every time...just gets more and more anxious. I'm so glad we are here at this point! Luke is one his way to Hong Kong and hopefully he will take pictures! They will be off of the ship for 4 days so I am sure he will be calling us in those days! I got a phone call last night, but I barely heard him.
This deployment is winding ecstatic it's almost over!

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