Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let The Rumors Begin...

So Lucas sent me this email this morning labeled just that, let the rumors begin. Here is the email:

"Well the latest rumor going around is that we will be coming back to the states on the 4th of January haven’t heard anything official, we’ll see what happens, I had an all right day today, I flew for about 3 hours, and were just working around the flight schedule, no 14-15 hour days, I didn’t even have to be to work until 10am so that was pretty nice to sleep in for a change on the boat. Other than that nothings new. We will definatley be getting off in Hong Kong for 4 days I think, it should be awesome were all pretty excited!! Hope you had a good day at work! I love you!"

Ohhhh how I hope this is so true or even's earlier! We will have to wait and see as the time gets closer, but I am going to be happier with any time knocked off of the deployment whether it is just one day or not! We all miss him so much and are excited to see him so just cross your fingers super hard for him to come early!


Katie Gud said...
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Meggan And Lucas Leifermann said...

Awww I'm so jealous that he will be home for the holiday! What a great present! So happy for ya though! The time is starting to go faster and I am finding myself getting very anxious! Thanks for the support!