Sunday, July 20, 2008

One Week Down, One Week Strong

I couldn't help but wake up and feel good today. It's been a week since Lucas left and I know in my mind that it is one week out of the way...and only about a million more to, or so it feels like. But not to put a damper on things, I am feeling pretty good today and highly motivated for a Sunday! I went hiking in the mountains and made it all the way up Fortuna Mountain, which made me feel very liberated and accomplished! Even though I go running here everyday after work, it felt good to go above and beyond what I thought I could do. It is very beautiful up here and definitely peaceful, which left me with a great deal of time to just ponder. I know that there will be times ahead that will be trialing and I will miss Lucas more and more everyday, but today I am feeling week stronger...and I know I am that much closer to seeing him. I never thought I would be able to get through this, but thank you to everyone who has really supported Lucas and I through this...we know we could never make it through this without our back bones which is our family and friends! We love you all!

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