Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One Day At A Time

Lucas and I have finally established a nice schedule of when we are able to talk to one another and when that time rolls around at 2:00 a.m. here, I find myself waking up either to his call or wondering why he hasn't yet. The hard times come when he is unable to call me for whatever reason and it is hard to not know what is going on, but the biggest challenge I face to not being able to just simply pick up the phone and call him just to say I love you! I miss that! It truly takes your friends and family to get you through those times when he is unable to and to be honest, I don't like him to know that I cry sometimes at night and I have my days when I feel like the Marines takes him away from me too much. It is way to easy to let the negative reasons cloud your real feelings. For the most part I have been so positive about this experience and I have established my own routine throughout the day. Between work, working out, and school it has been hard to even have time for the poor dogs, but in the same sentence it is all a good thing right now. I told Luke last night that I feel like he has been gone for months...I wish that was the case. Time seems to be going quickly, I just need to keep my mind wondering away from the situation.
Luke is staying super busy with work. He has been getting up and working out before going to work...he said he has a baby he needs to get rid He is able to go off base this weekend, so I am looking forward to pictures of Japan and curious to see where he is going to go. He is anxious to try some new foods...he is so brave! When he gets a chance he will post them for you all to see!
For now, it's just another day gone...I keep telling myself one day at a time! *Sigh*

F.Y.I: If you have any pictures that you have that I don't have up, email them to me and I would love to put them up on here. If you need any of Luke's mail information or anything just let me know! Thanks!

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