Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Greetings From Okinawa, Japan!

Lucas called me this morning at 1:13 a.m. and it was so good to hear his voice. As corny and dumb as this sounds, while he has been gone I would call his cell phone just to hear his voicemail and voice. Creepy, I don't know, but it helps, and at least we have that instead of having to write letters like in boot camp.

Any who, he sounded really excited and eager to get to work. He said that they have been really busy. When they arrived they went through another customs check, had to unload everything and get settled in. He just got his Internet up so I am sure most of you have heard from him by now in one way or another. Even though I was awoken from a dead sleep (all for a good reason) it was good to hear that he is doing good and how excited he is to be there. They are unable to leave base for a week for some reason, so I am sure him and his buddies will make up for that in one way or another...they are a wild bunch! So all is good, and it is starting to get harder as the days go by, but thanks for all the love and support, I know that it would be so much harder if I didn't have you all! Thanks!

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