Friday, October 1, 2010

Here and there, she's everywhere!

Sydnee is officially in the toddler stages, as she is on the move and there is no stopping her. She thinks she is pretty sly now that she is walking from object to object, along the wall, and even just walking around on her own. I even caught her today almost trying to run as the dogs were chasing her and she was screaming and walking as fast as she good to get away...super hilarious. I found that walking has to be on her terms though because when she feels like just being held, she will through a tempertantrum, yes, something that is also new in the Leifermann household. She is getting pretty good at this and being spoiled rotton. Many of the tantrums have been over her sippy cup and me refusing to do it for her (as I am trying to get her to do it herself and learn that she needs to tip it back), something she has been very spoiled with. :) I'll admit it!
Anyways, life will never be the same again, but that is a good thing! I enjoy being kept on my toes and watching her grow. Its sad, but exciting all in the breath. I look forward to the next stages of her growth and not to mention turning the BIG 1 in two months! Yikes! :) Party time! :)

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