Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nana Is In Town! :)

We were extremely excited to go pick up Nana from the airport! :)

She is in town for 10 days and it is great having someone to around since Lucas is gone for training for another 3 weeks. (Not to mention it is awesome having help!) It didn't take long for Sydnee to warm back up to her Nana from not seeing her for 2 whole months and now they are both attached to the hip. She absolutely loves her! We have enjoyed running around San Diego, going shopping here and there, going for walks, and to the pumpkin patch so far.

Before moving back out to San Diego, it was Nana "duty" to give Sydnee a bath as my mom enjoyed doing that every night. Sydnee loves her tubby time and she has really enjoyed Nana giving her her baths again. Nana lets her get away with a little more splishing and splashing than mommy, but that is ok! :) After all, that is what Nana's are for! Hehehe...

She even got her first "boo-boo" while Nana was her, she split her lip open pretty deep and was very upset about it...staring down her busy zoo box that was the culprit! :) She is a trooper though and decided to show it off...

We are enjoying our time with company and will hate to see her leave on Sunday, but it won't be long before we are in MN in December for a while.

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