Sunday, October 3, 2010

Next Gerber Baby?

I entered Sydnee into the next gerber baby contest as I got the link and suggestion from a friend. It took 3 weeks to start voting so the day has finally came! You are able to vote for her once a day for the next month! If she wins she will be able to win a $25,000 scholarship which will help to secure her for her education in the future. Please help for her to win! Of course she will always be my lil gerber baby despite what this websites/voting says. :) I love her and trust me I am not one of those pagent moms or stage moms so this will not be a on going thing for her! Hehehe, I am hoping for a soccer/hockey/softball star! :) Thanks again for helping! Love and miss you all!

Here is the link:
Click on the vote, then search, type in Sydnee and San Diego...and there she is! :)

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