Monday, May 25, 2009

Kind Of Lame, But Oh Well

This is kind of lame, but it just goes to show how excited we are to become parents. We are no longer in the 200's for our countdown, but offically have entered the 100's in terms of how much longer we have. I feel like time is flying by and before I know it, I will be changing diapers, getting so sleep and getting spit up all over me...ohh the joys of being a mother! :) But hey, I can't wait! Just a little bit of excitement I wanted to share!


Adam & Jenna said...

Okay, you need to start taking belly pics! Take them with the same outfit each time from the should take your first one like now! That belly is going to be growing very soon if it isn't already! :) :) :)

{Samantha} said...

It does sound cheesy out loud, but anyone who has waiting so long to become parents will understand. I know how nervous I was when I found out about being pregnant with Sarah, and then every day after that was just that wonderful countdown to her being here! And now, I am so thankful that she is here!

I'm so happy for you :)