Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Entering The Second Trimester

We are offically out of the scary first trimester where I hear most of the miscarrages happen and I am glad about that! Now we are embarking on a whole new trimester full of even more surprises! I am anxious to find out what we are having although many of you are saying it is going to be a girl. Either way we are fully prepared to deal with the monster in hand and just want to have a healthy baby no matter what the sex. My morning sickness has completely gone away and I am VERY happy about that! The first trimester was very hard on me being sick more days than feeling well, which has made it hard to work out. I have trying to get back on track of staying fit so I don't get to be a whale! :) We have our second appointment coming up so I am anxious to hear what they have to say and know that everything is well. It is the not knowing that has been bothering me. No I am not being a worry wart, I just want to know that "it" is growing and developing the way "it" should. Thats all! :) We love our baby so much already, can only imagine how much we will love it when he or she arrives!

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