Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hospitals Are No Fun

Karlee has had a rough 4 days! The poor little girl has been a trooper and a brave one so I hear. My sister had been in and out of the ER with her due to a UTI and fever and stomach cramping, and the doctor kept sending her home and telling her to come back if the symptoms worsen. So, her fever never broke and Karlee was admitted to the hospital yesterday evening so they could do some tests and x-rays. They determined she had a severe bladder infection and had to put an IV in her due to her dehydration. I was told she was quite the brave little girl when they put the IV in her arm, so crying or anything! That a girl! ;) Despite the IV and medication helping her, she is having to spend another night in the hospital tonight, but will be able to go home tomorrow hopefully! I got to speak with her tonight and she sounds 100 percent better, so I hope things only progress positively. The hospital is no place for a four year old! Get well baby girl!

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