Saturday, September 26, 2009

So Much

My mom and Karlee flew out this week to spend a little time with us and it has been nice having them around to go and do things with...I miss having that, being so far away and all. We have done a lot of shopping and playing around San Diego and we still have 3 more days left. We are SeaWorld bound today and the rest is up to them. I am really excited that they will be able to make it to my doctors appointment on Monday, which I know my mom is looking forward to. It is hard having everyone so far away and missing out on so much, but I will take what I can get. My mom also helped me put the finishing touches on the nursery and I love it so much! Now I can truly say, only one thing is missing and that is our baby! Hard to believe that I am 69 days away, which seems like eternity, but the time is flying by so terribly fast that I really can't complain. I will post pictures of the updates nursery and our adventures as soon as I can and update everyone on what they say at my appointment on Monday!

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