Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Appointment Down

I had my one hour glucose appointment today along with a dr. appointment while I was waiting for that hour. My appointment went great, the dr. said her head is still down and is up really high right now. All my tests came back perfect so there is nothing to worry about! I had to talk to the dr. about my swollen feet and charley horses that I was getting and I am glad I got some tips on how to get rid of all that fun stuff! :) I am now having to go in every 2 weeks up until my last month of my pregnancy and it is starting to really hit me how close I am to the end. It is making me really nervous, anxious and excited, but mostly nervous. It is hard to know what to expect...and I am always so anxious when I am in hospitals (I've always disliked them so much). We will see though. My mom and niece are flying out next week and it will be nice to have them out and be able to go to my next appointment so I can share this experience with them.
Until then, I hope the swollen feet and charley horses subside and I can gain back a little bit more energy.

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