Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Photo Shoot and On The Move!

Sydnee had her photo session today and lets just didn't go as well as planned. She was quite the lil drama queen and was terrified of everything. We have been going through this stage lately where she is scared of everything and everyone that she does not know. *Sigh* So we got through a few different set ups and she was done...poor baby. I will be patiently waiting for them! :)
Besides being drama, Sydnee has been all over the place lately! Lets just say I can no longer leave her unattended. I have her on the floor she is trying sooo hard to roll over. She gets on her side, but can't quite get over...any day I am sure and it seems over night she decided to try. She is just a lil wiggle worm, it is crazy we are at this stage where she is going to be on the move before I know it! :) Then the work begins huh? LOL.
Sydnee's first easter is coming up and it should be a fun, busy, busy day for us! Happy Easter for everyone! :)

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