Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy, Busy Bee

Sydnee and I have been on the run and it feels nice to not be cooped up in the house anymore. We have put a lot of miles on the stroller! :) We have been going for a walk almost everyday...the weather is gorgeous and I have a feeling it will only get better! Not to mention it helps me to get back into shape! Win win!
This weekend was a busy one...Happy Birthday to Brendan. Hard to believe that he is one already! Before we know it Sydnee will be too as time is going by way too fast. That is a plus for us right now because the faster Luke will be home, but I am enjoying spoiling her and having her to myself...but daddy needs to come home! I am so ready! :) We only have 3 more months to go, hopefully less...but we won't know till last minute. Luke is doing ok, he is finally getting off the ship today and we can't wait to talk to daddy!
Sydnee has a scheduled photo session next week and I can't wait to get her pics taken...they will turn out adorable, I have a hint! :)

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