Monday, August 17, 2009

Worry Wart

I haven't had any worries during this pregnancy and everything has gone by so smoothly with no complications yet (knock on wood). I started painting the baby room this weekend and after completing it I heard that it was horrible for pregnant ladies to breathe in the fumes from the paint, which got my so worried for the first time! I must have freaked myself out horribly because she hasn't been kicking for the last couple night, which is HIGHLY uncommon especially at night. It got me so worried my Dr. read it all over my face and put my mind at ease and we got to hear the heartbeat to make sure all is well. Being a worry wart, like I can be, my senses were wrong and everything is perfect! My mind is at ease now! Phew! My Dr. went over all the blood work and ultrasound pics with me and everything is perfect! I couldn't be more blessed. Another appointment next month, which is the fun one hour diabetes test...yippie for me!

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