Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Sydnee

Dear Sydnee,
Mommy just wanted to let you know that I love feeling you kicking everyday as it makes me feel that you are ok in there and for sure having fun! :) When I don't feel you around the time you are normally up to play I get a little worried. However! You woke me out of a dead sleep last night because you kicked my side so hard I jumped to what seemed like the moon! :) Maybe you should come "out" to play during the day instead of when I lay down to go nightie night. As much as I want you to literally come out to play with your daddy and I, I know that it is important that you stay in there to grow bigger and stronger...I can wait and so can you. Besides I am so not ready for you to be here yet, we still got painting and things to do! ;) You have no idea how much you are loved already, you have no idea how many people are waiting to hold you and love you. Until that day, keep kickin' baby, maybe just during the daylight hours and not the wee hours of the night! :) Love you!

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