Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Round Of Shots!

We had our first round of shots today and it was not good! My poor little peanut! She was doing so good throughout her long appointment, waiting patiently and giggling, talking, smiling and wiggling around until the nurse came in to give her 3, yes 3 shots. Poor hunny. Her eyes got supper big and just let out a cry I have never heard come from her body before! I almost wanted to let one out too, but I got to hold her right away and she calmed right down! She was such a trooper and the best for getting so many shots.
Turns out we have a little chubby on our hands and she now weights 12.1 pounds and 22.8 inches...she grew like a weed! The doctor said she looks great and right on track with everything! Now we just need to get through the night...this is going to be a long one. Hopefully she will calm down and get some rest...poor baby!

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